🏍Motorcycle jacket back protector upgrade

🏍Motorcycle jacket back protector upgrade.

From a rigid "Dianese Manis D1 G1" to a flexible "Held D3O" that gets hard only when hit.🔨

Both are motorcycle level 2 protectors (highest European level right now). Since my Dainese Airfast summer🏖 jacket is as tight as possible to my body (as it should be!) the Dainese back protector, with its huge 3cms width, was ⛓uncomfortable big inside the jacket while riding,🏍 stretching the leather and having me rotate my whole torso to see around.😲 So, enter a flexible back protector made from a new disruptive technology called D3O, which is basically a rubber material that is flexible at its normal state but gets hard has plastic when hit hard.🔨 Even so, there were two small problems when it arrived📥...the back protector is vented...or so they say...the holes were there, but they weren't completely perforated so, in the old 🛠D.I.Y. fashion, I had to enlarge them with a grinding tool🗡. It's very easy and results are as expected👌, allot of ventilation for the summer, without disregarding protection.⚠ Oh, the other problem was...wrong size for my jacket. My summer jackets are size 48 and this Held D3O size is small, which it's to be used for jackets sized 40-46. 😨 Fortunately, I've bought 2 (one for the lady, one for me) so, mine is going back for 📤exchange to medium (sized 48-56).👍

On a side note📓, there are several brands that commercialise this back protector at different prices💸, but make no mistake, these are all made from the same company with the same material, with the same quality, you are only paying for the 🔖brand and/or after sales support.

You can find the related Instagram post here.

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